ABR Venture Reviews

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It is a humble request from  my side please don't buy any plan or pay to
ABR Venture ,
if you want to save your money



I am writing all this because i was also in the trap and lost 11 lakh rupees ,

now don't want anyone to get into this trap. 

It's how i get into trap


Fraud Company :- ABR Venture

Hi ABR Venture thanks for making me fool.

Story start with Mr. Gaurav Sahu,

 Gourav started giving demo call and made profit of Rs 3000 for the first time ,now its impressive to have perfect call at first time.

 Now end of the day gourav called me and told that to continue our service you need to pay some amount and we agree with 3k.

 after couple of day he again started asking for money although his some trade are working some or not.

 so he told me to go with their premium service in which abr venture target will be Rs 3,30,0000 in one months and they will charge approx 1,24,888 including gst.

 Now i agree to pay them. After that one suggested fund by Gaurav gave me 93,000 loss in one day.

 Now after that i talked to Gaurav he described about HNI service in which ABR Venture will provide me personalised trader who will manage my profile by using their software and risk management(so that high loss never occur).

 but Gaurav told me that if you want to avail this HNI service you need to complete fee stucture.

Now revised structure is for profit of 23 lakh in 3months now i have pay around 5,15,000 +gst in three instalment.

Again one more time i get into their trap. i was ready to pay 185000 as first installment but i was running out of cash so i arranged 37000 so my total payment to ABR Venture reached 161,888.

After few days when i told Gaurav that we are nowhere near our target although we are still in loss of Rs 1,11,000. So then he told me that pesonalised traders reject my form because i did not pay amount.

Now he arranged call with personalised agent ( Mr. Akhilesh ), now again Akhilesh told me about HNI service and discussed their package. Now he told me that he want 4,14,000 to start my work and my profile registration into his system.   

Again i agreed and paid final amount Rs 4,28,000. Now he started working with my profile and started trading also told me not to share anything with Gaurav anymore.

Mr Akhilesh told me not to share:-

1. Amount Paid to him.   2. How he is managing my profile .  3. Dont talk to Mr Gaurav Sahu strictly.

Now after that at Feb 28 , Akhilesh called me to ask for some money as he need Rs 45000. he told me that we will manage this amount in premium.

One more time he called me and asked Rs20000.

Now in total i had paid  Rs 493,888 for HNI service.

Now its completion of two months :-

My profile report is saying i am in loss of Rs6,28,753

and HNI service fees :- 493,888 (paid amount)

So total loss = Rs 11,22,641.

I want Resolution of about and want my fees back. I got in trap but dont want other people to get fooled. Please Please Please dont trust on ABR Ventures.

I have enclosed all payment done and loss report with this please have a look.

Thanks for your trap. @Everyone who is reading please feel free to call or mail me

Regards :- Apoorv   9424728615  naman223054@gmail.com